This is a huge list, with nearly 2,000 wildlife breeders. The farms have three classifications:

  1. Furbearing animal breeder
  2. Wild game and bird breeder Class A
  3. Wild game and bird breeder Class B

Here is what each of these mean:

  • Fur Bearing Animal Breeder is required to possess, breed and/or sell the following species: Opossum, Raccoon, Mink, Red & Gray Fox, Beaver, Muskrat, Badger, River Otter and Weasels
  • Wild Game & Bird Breeder, Class A is required to possess various game mammals, game birds and migratory waterfowl. Class A is noncommercial and does not allow licensees to sell.
  • Wild Game & Bird Breeder, Class B covers the same as class A plus allows license holders to sell alive or dressed for food purposes.

Note that groups like Coalition Against Fur Farms have confirmed there are farms who imprison mink and fox that are not included on this list, an indicator of just how many wildlife farms are operating illegally.

Illinois furbearing animals and wildlife breeder list (download Excel spreadsheet).