The Florida list is absolutely massive, with over 4,000 operations. We only have the list in .XLSX format.

This list contains facilities that imprison nearly every species imaginable, from primates to alligators to bobcats.

Important note: This list is sorted by license type, which indicates the purpose of the operation. Please take note of these designations as you review this list.

ESA / ESB = License to possess Class I and/or Class II wildlife for exhibition or public sale (ESA: one to 25 animals; ESB: 26 or more animals)
ESC = License to possess Class III wildlife for exhibition or public sale
BHP = Blanket Hunting Preserve
GFL = Game Farm License (“propagating game birds and game mammals for commercial or private use”; GB: bird, GM: mammal)
HPL = Hunting Preserve License
VRC = License to possess or exhibit venomous reptiles and/or reptiles of concern

Download the complete Florida list.