Two lists for California: One for “restricted species,” and the other for “game bird breeders.”

The “restricted species list” is interesting in that few, if any, of the entries appear to be “farms.” Included in this list are things like zoos, pet breeders, and wildlife preserves. There also appear to be many operations that keep animals to be used in films. For the sake of thoroughness, we are including it nonetheless so that activists in California may investigation these facilities and report back.

(Note that this document is a collection of several documents put together. The species corresponding to the operations on the given page are listed at the top.)

The second list is more straightforward: A list of farms that breed and sell pheasants, quail, partridge, and “other” species.

California “restricted species list” (54 pages) (download PDF)

California “game breeders list” (2 pages) (download PDF)

California prohibited species list

California Licensed Game Breeders